First Day of Promises 

12 hours of reading, emailing, and calling. Yet, I went climbing. I decided it needed to happen, I made it happen. 

Climbing when it’s been a while, is difficult. Since it was a holiday, I went to the gym at noon. There were five men and me. I dreaded their eyes as I struggled up simple climbs.and, the cold I was still recovering from didn’t help.I completed the hour. I just wandered around, evetytime one of the males drifted my way, I moved to a new location. It felt good to spread out, and just be on my own. Sometimes, you want encouragement, and sometimes you want to struggle on your own.

Also, I made an actual sandwich, that I actually craved. Normally, i work through lunch drinking coffee over the hour. Today, I actually sat there eating – No typing or reading. I just ate. I loved every minute of the moment. I should mention, it was a damn good sandwich of whole wheat with hummus carrots, onion, blue cheese and lettuce and a green granny apple on the side. This is the “living part” of my daily life I passed to in my eyes save lives by reading statutes. We are humans not machines, and there is a softness I forgot.

Office politics sparked today, I decided to cut out of work at 6:30. I rushed to a party of warm people and homemade Ramen. I may have made a few too many sarcastic jokes, a speciality of mine when I am haggered from work. I must say overall, I felt a sense of comfort among women of long hair and bug talk. I spend so much of my life fighting – I forget why I originally liked our soft fleshy spirits. Most of my friends are naturalists and biologists, but I deeply love the human spirit. With long hours, injustice and office politics caused – office politics caused by a  group of die hard crusaders who occasionally date, I can feel that love simmer.

Work is maybe like the complexities of my family, it needs a healthy dose of leaving it at the door, and an appreciation of what makes us human. It helps to have the luxury of a warm bed, a good mint tea, and a strange mutt.


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