How To Be Less Robotic

 Couple of changes to your life you will not regret:

  1. Eliminate pop music from your life. If you like blues, take the time to make a blues CD for your car. It will eliminate your grumpiness, I think most people don’t enjoy songs that a slightly sound like advertising that rape is sexy, or talk about drinking tequila at 9 am on your way to work – if you don’t like it, then do something about it. 
  2. Always carry a book with you. I read this off of A Cup of Jo; and it’s similar to the CD advice, when you are stuck waiting instead of looking on Instagram or Facebook, you can read a chapter of your book. This is so much more relaxing when you don’t have time to be waiting,  and won’t add to your anger like five more posts on cats will or a reminder Trump is our president. And, for me, makes you a little less of a grump when the jail staffers forget about you for 20 minutes. I am currently reading A Man Called Ove.
  3. Make it a goal to climb or do something every day that involves people outside of work and your house, you won’t always make it. I missed climbing once this week. You need to talk to people in a normal fashion. The gym or exercising is an added bonus.
  4. If you are overwhelmed get out of the house, don’t go to the Internet or watch something or try to work – get out and run. If it’s raining or snowing who cares – I bet you have a shower – it’ll feel great when you return.


  • Climbing 

I am improving, at a V5 level, in the gym not outside. I think if I try harder I may be able to say V6. D, my partner, says it is all a mental game, no one gets stronger in a week, he is probably right. A healthy brain may be just as important as strong arms. 

I climbed four days this week and it’s a docket week, thid means I am in court almost every day. I worked a lot, even after the gym, truth be toldnothing burned down in the office. So perhaps, the “I have too much work to climb” is a mental block too. 

And, as I mentioned above, I am closer to meeting more people. As we get older meet someone and have a steady job, it’s harder to meet new people. Almost all my coworkers only talk to each other outside of work, for me that makes me feel isolated and constantly at work – I need to be able to leave work.

  • Friday

We made some vegetarian Indian food, and we’re both exhausted. We managed to shimmy out of the house to an open mic night. While it was nice to step out, the atmosphere was too much booze than music. It kind of felt like a dud to a long week, but I am still proud we didn’t just sit in front of a television.

  • Saturday

D and I slept in, we are both sick and are still hungover from our family Christmas. We lazily picked up breakfast burritos from our local coffee shop and headed to the mountain.

We randomly met D’s coworkers. E bailed early, I think due to the massive herds of people. E wanted to go into the backcountry, but the conditions were sketch. We ventured into the harder terrain. Truthfully, I loved every minute. I branched out and did several jumps. And, I felt strong and free. I love every second I feel free. And, the San Juan Mountains are always a sight for sore eyes.

Once we parked it back at our house, we had planned on cleaning. But, instead we walked our crazy mountain pup around the Animas River Trail, amd stopped by the Haus, our local pet store. She loves Pig Hearts and seeing the kittens. She wiggles at the kittens, who literally could care less about her. 

After, we went and snacked on poutine fries and used our free beer tickets at Carvers. We shared a salad and indulged a little more, it was Happy Hour.

Once at home, we picked up some towels and swim suits and headed to Amaya, the place has an old wooden hot tub, sweat lodge, and a cold plunge. We stayed for a few hours, it was just what our tired bodies needed. You actually feel part of community, you share the hot tub. At night, it is lighted by white Christmas lights. It is not glamorous, but it is cozy and homey. 

  • Today

We slept in again, I am going to clean the house, let’s see about next week. It’s a conflict for me, I want my identity to be my work, but it feels like I am losing me in the process. It also feels robotic, the meals, the shows, the songs, the conversation – outside of work it all feels fake like Friday night. Saturday, I recognized my tired self. Today, I am going to remedy the gross feeling in my home, by cleaning the Christmas aftermath.


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