Silence is a Privilege 

Race is one of the hardest conversations to start and maintain, which is why it’s one of the most important. I grew up in a household where Martin Luther King Jr. was a theater person, he knew he was going to die the day he was assainated and did it for the fame. It’s interesting thinking back because my schooling in a predominately white Republican town did not alter that belief. It isn’t a surprise when it’s the library to Ronald Reagan. 

What is surprising is I didn’t live in that wealthy city, I lived in a poorer diverse city in Los Angeles. I witnessed racism and the social gap. When I mean racism, I mean blatant racism of you invite 6 girlfriends to come to your birthday and you best friend says her mom says the neighborhood is too dangerous. It’s a Hispanic neighborhood, but a nice neighborhood. 

The truth is I have said things in my younger years that makes me cringe. It would be years later of finding my own voice before I really appreciated the movement started by Martin Luther King Jr. Now in many ways, my job and life is dedicated to it. I dont think i could live in a world where I acted passively, I would be deeply depressed that this is humanity or America.

In my mind, it is logical that a child has something wrong and it is logical a trump supporter born raised in a small town with a sheltered high school education is wrong. During law school, I started to encounter a culture I have never been privy to. The well educated and wealthy who never questioned a racist stereotype. At first, I thought I am blessed to have received a liberal arts education that questions everything. 
Then, it was more than that, because these people started a private Facebook page that was pure hate, where they could be awful with no basis. University is not a bad school, I learned a lot from the professors and politics. There are people who live there to stand up for others. The law school tried to start a refugee resettlement program, and the some students from the top of the class and the state feared Muslims. 

The hardest part of my job is educating the educated who should know better. The legal system is built on law families of the white and privileged. 

Now, in a way Trump’s victory is a symbol that America is a country of white trying to control a land that was never meant to be controlled.

 When my sister in law is having to comfort a 7 year old noncitizen that she can finish school and won’t be departed by the school, something is wrong. When I have to give a legal Advisements that if DACA isn’t available with this new presidency you will have to go to a country where you have no family and don’t speak the language, something is wrong. 

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” 

It’s more important than ever to be talking about race.Please remember the option to remain silent is a privilege. Our words are powerful, Martin Luther King did not name call, he taught. 

Note:, who created the above image is now allowing free downloads of its posters (as long as you don’t use the image for profit). Be apart of the movement. 


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