January Tough

This week  started with a cold that rocketed after a long day at work. On a week where I just couldn’t afford to miss a day, I slept after 8 most nights and missedma whole day of work. I missed the women’s March, which was soul crushing. I also had a difficult week for lots of reasons that are work related. That makes it sound like work is a burden, it involves a promotion, but transitions are hard. This weekend we had the most snow we had all season, I sat behind a desk. 

I ran twice and made it to the gym twice. This has doomed on me – one of the days at the gym made me less amped to go. A male gym worker gave me a hard time about only working out for half hour, this man gave me a lecture.

I know this particular person wanted to be encouraging, but it came off as demeaning. I am at the gym, it’s late and I am climbing – shouldn’t that be high five worthy? And, I climbed without breaks and among a couple double dating. This particular worker also gave me hard time about working this weekend. 

What is important is I went today, and he was there. I climbed hard. It’s more about going then making sure you get at least an hour in. He didn’t say anything to me today. I carried my shoulders high when I flashed the 5.11. 

When I step back, the women’s march isn’t necessarily about joining on the streets, it’s about the movement. The movement includes me doing a good job as an attorney. I absolutely posted and supported in solidarity. I will continue to do so.

Motto: Keep my head in the right place and my eye on the goal, equality, justice and strong women. And, I do feel normal again – sometimes your body needs sleep –  that is important too.


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