Mountain Release

There are many reasons to climb a mountain. Some climb because it gets you somewhere. Some climb to show strength and courage. The reality is that we all climb for different reasons and sometimes for more than one reason.

Last weekend, I climbed to feel myself again. I slipped out of my heels and let my forearms feel free. My forearms are the size of a bowling pin and my stiff women suits feel more like containment than classy. I put my hat backwards and just breathed. I breathed in the type of air that is first cold than refreshing as you skin up a mountain.

The best part of skinning is the warm sun hitting you as your body is over heating. It’s pleasant because the air is crisp and your releasing warm gasps of air that is matched by warmth of sun comfort. There is a little part of your mind that is chemically happier because this – the mountains – the snow – the trees – feels untamed.

Sunday, we packed our climbing gear and headed out to X Rock. We met our two friends at the crag. D, came too. It’s so freeing to grasp solid rock and pull yourself up. I felt comfortable in my flesh, after a week long of suites and learning, feeling comfortable again hit the spot.

How to know you have a good guy 👍, see if he feels comfortable climbing with all women. When I mean comfortable, I mean no man explaining. D treated everyone as equals, damn right because women are just people too.


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