Potato Gun

I must admit. I am a climber, not a snow person. Some people have spirit animals that are majestic like an eagle or a mountain goat. I have a soul that matches a lizard. And, not the majestic collared lizard with it’s lime green and cotton candy blue body. I mean just a straight up any kind of lizard, lizard and I are soul mates. We like to lounge in the sun and crawl over things. 

It’s not always lizard weather. I am not always a fan of the crowded resort, and I know our local ski resort like the back of my hand. Last weekend, we rolled into the backcountry with our friends: Kyle and Patrick.

We parked in Molas parking lot and trudged through the upper trees on Spud Mountain. We made our way to the potato gun, and this scaly lizard slithered her way down the mountain mad grinning. 

Look at those wild mountains🏔


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