Gear Review: Patagonia PowSlayer bibs

Surprise! Women come in all shapes and sizes. I am not built like a man, apart from being gifted with strong upper body. To be frank, I have an hour glass figure. I try to hide it 85 percent of the time. The one time I need to acknowledge my curves is buying snowpants. 

Readers who have the same shape or boyfriends shopping for girlfriends with the same shape, buy bibs. All women shredders with the hour glass figure know what it is like to have snow go down their pants, it’s not pleasant.

Sadly, with regular snow pants it can’t be avoided even with suspenders. There is always going to be gap because our hips are wider than our waist. And, that gap is the perfect crevasse for snow to tunnel down.

In recent years, women’s bibs have zippers on the side to go to the bathroom, so don’t fret there. The PowSlayer’s best feature is that it the bib comes up to above your belly button. This stops the snow from going down your pants. I would prefer a chest plate bib like the Flylow foxy bib. It is more comfortable and your tits feel secure. The flylow is also a cheaper option because it’s not 100 percent Gortex. Check them out here.My bibs are 100 percent Gortex, which is great when going through wet snow. And, the bibs don’t restrict my skiing. I love that the bib is not pink or purple. Check mine out here.What’s even better is that right now the bibs are on sale!


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