Penitente Crew

Some of us have reached 30, others are not lingering far behind, yet here we are. This is Nick MacIntyre. Six years ago, Nick and I chained smoked cigarettes as my now significant other sat in the hospital. A rock broke, and Duncan Russells missed the pads, all three of them. Nick and I have been comrades through a lot of life struggles from losing family for time to break ups to Mario cart parties. He’s a Humboldt friend.

The man standing on Nick is John Rader. John and I met at a crag in Laramie, Wyoming where I started my lawyer career. Guess what, he’s in law school in Boulder these days. And guess even what-er, Nick is in Boulder working. It didn’t take long t for these two groups of people to start hanging out. 

This is Matt’s girlfriend. Matt is a Humboldt friend who moved with Nick to Boulder. Her name is Tracy, she’s climbing a 5.11a. It’s her first 5.11. This is the truth of the climbing community, it expands. That’s the magically thing that makes it such a religion. 

We live in this world where most need to sip of alcohol at 6 pm, and the comfort of cheesy meal. We live in a world of politics that isolate and dehumanizing. Then you go away for a weekend, and it’s laughter, sunburns, and challenges – that’s the air that you try to savor. And, the more people who join our dirt cult the better. 

The largest misunderstanding is that places like Penitente will be ruin if we share it. What I have experienced is the opposite, more cleans up, more donations, and better equipment. 

Use your legs, trust your feet and remember sunscreen.


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