Full Circle

Two weeks ago, a good friend , Lorena, rolled her van. It came after a heavy court week and luckily I forced myself to leave after work. I say luckily because it would have split my heart in two to know I stayed at the work and she rolled her car.  It was her birthday weekend. I didn’t know her friends that well. She rolled her car and found herself stuck with two amazing large dogs. And, I have this loveable but frustrating mutt that is dominant and possessive with other dogs. It became the weekend of survival, but many many laughs. 

This is a picture of her dogs after the incident. They shared the front seat the entire way back to camp. 

Lorena and I rope gunned for other folks that weekend. Rope gunning means you lead routes for beginner climbers, which is great! I love new climbers getting out. The only one issue is I am so done with the same 5 climbs at Penitente Canyon. 

For me, the stress of having 7 dogs at camp and my Shasta really pushed my enjoyment. I didn’t know these people. I had to keep putting Shasta in the car, or on the leash – and no one was watching their dogs. I had to constantly be moving dogs away from her on the leash or from the car. 

The mood around camp was difficult. There was high tension amongst the group as well. I was tired from work. I was frustrated with my dog. And, when I am frustrated I kind of want alone time. With so many people at camp that proved difficult. 

Even with that said would I do it again, absolutely. There were moments I just loved. One, I didn’t have my boyfriend. I love him, but I enjoyed climbing on my own. It really sends the message to climbing friends, I am independent and can do this on my own and did it on my own before him. And, I met a new friend. It became us three. I loved the dynamic. Three hardcore women, all with professional careers, with bad ass attitudes, that can lead. Here are some pictures from that weekend:

On Sunday, we remarkably were able to fit all of Lorena’s belongings, her and three dogs in my beat up 1997 Subaru. We drove three hours using a crash pad as a make shift barrier, so Shasta didn’t lose it because dogs were in the car. And, yet all smiles. Our motto: always pack the crash pad: make shift couch, make shift sleeping pad (Lorena had to use it as pad she planned on sleeping in the van), make shift dog bed, make shift dog barrier. It’s the dirtbag motto. 

When Lorena said she wanted to redo her birthday weekend with a smaller friend group, I without a doubt packed up my car for round two.

Yes, since it was a new group, we did the same climbs. Let’s just say I am over Captain America and How the West Was Won. This group was eager and excited. And, I must say, to have all women leaders is not a bad mix up. 

And, yes I did bring Shasta. She did remarkably well. Shasta shared climbing spots and even shared water bowls. I also bought a high powered water gun pistol to use in the future. But, what a difference it makes to have people helping you, redirecting their dogs when your dog is on the leash, it is so much better. 

Lorena and I even jumped on a 5.11c. It was hard. We didn’t finish, but it felt amazing to project again. We walked up and said let’s try it. Do, we did. It was that simple.  

This weekend I have my eyes on Escalante👀


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