Gear Review: Viole Spartan 

There are not a lot of women split boards to choose from. My first set up came from a consignment store, a voile split from years ago. It rode literally like a boat. I had to lean into the turns with my entire body. 

That is not the sport for me. My father says I dance as I snowboard. Note, I am 27, lawyer, and dont live with my father. I love the guy.  

I like hopping and spinning, I like wobbling my board as I cruise ever so slightly. I like to float. I like popping, oh do I like popping. 

Lesson number one in picking out a board, know what kind of rider you are. I have a forum terrain board, rocker camber, and I love it. I don’t go in the park, but I do spin and float my way around trees and steep mountain oceans – Cali at ❤. I just couldn’t do that on my backcountry board. It made getting pumped to get out a little harder.

When I purchased the Voile Spartan it was life changing for me in the backcountry. I enjoyed the down hill. I pop on every mound I can… if the weather is right for mound popping that is.

If you are dancer or a mountain surfer this is the board for you. If you want a powder board, or a board that is more sturdy, try out some demo boards. Most importantly, go out and figure out what makes you happy – then research what board supports that movement.

Last note that I will leave you with is it is fine to ride with terrible gear to learn a new sport. Every sport I started I didn’t have the money to go buy new gear. I borrowed, I wore second hand gear, or bought at a consignment store – that is how you figure out if you like something. When I started skiing I wore pants that went past my breasts, a duct tape raincoat, and rental gear. Don’t feel discouraged to get out, the real dirtbags are more excited that you are trying a sport they love then what gear you have. 


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