Escalante Virgin

We packed our truck full of goodies. I have really enjoyed climbing and camping on the weekends. Duncan outfitted his truck to have a nice bed space. We finally bought a camp stove, our first ever, goodbye whisperlight stove, hello to glam camping with a coleman … And…it rains. 

We are not talking about a light drizzled it poured. It thundered. It the rain turned into waterfalls off the sandstone. Lightening hit so hard the truck rumbled. But, not before we climbed a little. 

Escalante is breathtaking. The cracks feel like Indian Creek. But, the routes are short and don’t have a wait line. There seem to be more moderate climbs.

And, there is the added bonus of a river that runs not far from the road. On a hot summer day, there are spots that would be perfect to swim in. 

We jumped on a few routes. Due to an injury, I passed up leading. I was feeling the need to get my laps in so I circled on a 5.10a about five times as our friends started to do their first couple of crack climbs of the season. The 5.10a was not difficult, so my bad arm didn’t complain. It wasn’t the type of injury where my muscles needed a break, a few puncture wounds, that’s all. I enjoyed being a belay b**** for my friends. And, truth be told, this would be a perfect place to build up some muscle.

Here is me belaying:

We didnt get to camp, but we did get to check out the local brewery in Paonia. A small house convertrd to a brewery with decent beer priced at about five bucks or so. As we walked up to the brewery it looked more like a house party. Instead of humans stacked like sardines inside on rainy night. Locals chatted, laughing, and just talking real talk on the front porch. After we played a game of Cards Against Humanity.

And, it’s Spring in the desert, which means stunning cactus 👇


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