Lizard Flesh

It is a feeling rather. After lathering on sunscreen, you feel those sun beams hit your arms. It’s not a burning sensation, but a pleasant warm tingle. The feeling is not by and large a sensation that is universally enjoyed. Some people run for the shade. Others, quickly gap a hat or shirt. For me,… Continue reading Lizard Flesh

We Are Going to Be Okay

“We are going to be okay,” said Lorena. That’s the first thing I remember. A large boulder that weighed around 1000 pounds had hit me in the head. I blacked out. The last moment I remember is telling Lorena to take the rope because I wanted to take a break. I sat down about 45… Continue reading We Are Going to Be Okay

Escape the Rain/Snow

Midweek, I started to feel the adventure gut feeling. I quickly glanced over the weather forecasts in the area. Purgatory showed rain-snow, and all I could imagine is that rain-snow hitting my face like little needles as my shoulder felt that rain-snow slush… Not really that great. I jumped to the Creek, and it showed… Continue reading Escape the Rain/Snow